Bringing talented students and industry leaders together

The Monash Industry Team Initiative (MITI) partners multidisciplinary student teams from Monash University with leading Australian and global industry partners. Students collaborate and design innovative solutions to real issues in today's business world.

Industry partners host teams of up to four students to undertake a specific project over 12 weeks from December to February. The industry partner, together with the University define the requirements for the project and the team required, ensuring that students are exposed to relevant learning opportunities throughout the duration of the experience.

Students are competitively selected from a range of fields to form a multidisciplinary team, rather than participate as single interns.

Monash University pre-screens students according to defined criteria. The industry partner then selects the final project team.

Students participating in the MITI gain invaluable exposure to relevant learning opportunities that relate specifically to their studies while at the same time, acquiring hands-on practical experience that holds them in good stead for the future.

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MITI for Students

  • Be part of a multi-disciplinary team that is solving real business problems
  • Give yourself an edge in a competitive job market
  • Gain insights into your future profession
  • Learn from your peers in other disciplines

MITI for Industry

  • Benefit from an energetic multi-disciplinary team committed to delivering on time and on budget
  • Achieve creative and immediate solutions to your business needs
  • Access diverse ideas through the interaction of disciplines
  • Get access to dynamic new talent