The Community Renewables Project (2016-17)

Project outcomes

Sponsored by AusNet Services, Powercor and MEMSI

Project title: 
The Community Renewables Project
Description of the project: 

There exist a number of rural Victorian communities who are well on the way to attaining 100% renewable energy. However, without a method for communities to easily check their progress, it can be very difficult for these communities to see how far they are from their goal.

Project brief

Project brief

Sponsored by AusNet Services, Powercor and MEMSI

Melbourne, VIC
Description of the project: 

There exist a number of rural Victorian communities who are well on the way to attaining 100% renewable energy. However, without a method for communities to easily check their progress, it can be very difficult for these communities to see how far they are from their goal.

Project outcomes

This project has been closed
Project Aims: 
  • Develop a tailored platform to display power information in a meaningful way to users.
  • Provide a platform to its users, an interactive experience displaying real time or near real time power information.
Available to: 
All Students
Faculty or Department: 
Business and Economics
Engineering-Electrical & Computer Systems
Information Technology
Employment Type: 
All students

Applications for this project are welcome from penultimate and subsequent year undergraduates, Masters and PhD students (coursework and research) who are enrolled full-time at Monash.

Selection Criteria: 

Your application will be reviewed by senior faculty members and assessed against the following criteria:

  • Quality of covering letter, resume and on-line application form including spelling & grammar
  • Relevance of your degree to the project(s) you select
  • Skills, ability, knowledge and experience relevant to the project (s) you apply for
  • Extra - curricular activities (i.e. sports/clubs & societies/memberships)
  • Career goals & ambitions
  • Academic performance
  • Successful completion of group activity
  • Successful interview with industry partner

 Please note:

  • Scope for MITI projects are determined by the industry partners, this includes student disciplines and whether they require students at undergraduate, Masters or PhD level.
  • The final selection of the MITI project team will be made by the industry partner 
  • Each industry project will run for 12 weeks over the summer vacation period that is December 2016 through to February 2017.
  • If selected you must be available and agree to commit for the entire 12 week period. 
12 weeks
Max number of recipients: 
Application process: 

Applications are submitted online via the MITI website and must include a cover letter (no more than one page) and current CV.

 Your cover letter should include the following information:

  • why the project is of particular interest to you
  • an outline of relevant experience either through vacation work, study or other extra curricula activities
  • what you can contribute as a member of the team

AusNet Services, Powercor and MEMSI

AusNet Services:

AusNet owns and operates the whole Victorian electricity transmission network, one of five electricity distribution businesses and one of three gas distribution businesses in Victoria. As well as the network businesses, our Commercial Energy Services business, provides metering, asset intelligence and telecommunication solutions to the utility and infrastructure sectors.

AusNet Services is 31.1 per cent owned by Singapore Power, 19.9 per cent owned by State Grid of China and 49 per cent publicly owned. AusNet Services is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), code AST and the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX).

AusNet Services operates their three networks in a regulated environment meaning the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) sets the prices for the electricity and gas networks once every five years by reviewing proposals submitted by the electricity and gas businesses across Australia. The AER reviews proposals and makes decisions based on:

- Projected demand
- Age of infrastructure
- Operating and financial costs
- Network reliability and safety

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Driving and embracing change in the energy market is only made possible by listening and bringing together the diverse views of our stakeholders.

We recognise that we have an important role in the communities in which we operate by ensuring a security of supply that is delivered safely, cost-effectively and reliably to our customers.

Our commitment to customers extends to the way in which we deliver our services and respond to their changing needs. To do this we must continually improve how we engage and how stakeholder insights are incorporated into planning our networks for the future.

We recognise that stakeholder engagement needs to be considered in everything we do. From day-to-day operations, network planning, customer service and the way we meet our regulatory requirements.

To do so, we have developed a Stakeholder Engagement Framework that guides how we will work stakeholders, from customers to regulators. It provides for engagement about different areas of interest that can and will have a meaningful impact to our business, like regulatory reset, tariff reform, major projects and bushfire mitigation.

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Monash Energy Materials and Systems Institute (MEMSI):

Monash University has a strong and long connection with energy – originating with Sir John Monash, who played a critical role in the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. MEMSI harnesses this strength within a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research environment that brings together over 70 leading researchers and hundreds of research students from across Monash University. Focused on developing solutions to enable sustainable generation, storage, distribution and use of energy, our research is directed by leaders with academic and industrial experience. This balance between academic rigour and applied focus provides MEMSI the ability to effectively work with industrial partners to address significant energy challenges.

MEMSI's objectives are to:

1. Enable world leading, multi-disciplinary energy research within Monash University and across its partnering network;
1. Work in collaboration across industry, government and partnering research organisations to address grand energy challenges; and
3. Educate the next-generation of energy leaders.


- Energy materials
- Printable solar cells
- Supercapacitors
- Fuel Cells
- Biofuels
- Geothermal energy and unconventional oil and gas
- Low emission coal and carbon storage
- Smart grids
- Power engineering
- Wind energy and transport aerodynamics
- Advanced energy networking
- Cutting-edge visualisation

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